Do it yourself chimney sweeping

Feeling the warmth and noise of the burning firewood from your fireplace is very pleasant. However, you should clean the fireplace regularly. You can hire a chimney sweep in York or try to do it yourself. Here are a few tips.

  • Gather everything that you may need. You will need a spray cleaner, like Formula 409, that you can buy at most stores. You will also need a broom and a hand brush.
  • Protect the area surrounding the fireplace. Wear an old apron or clothing to protect yourself from the dirt and muck that you’ll be removing. Keep this in mind because, when you clean the fireplace you can’t avoid getting a little dirty.
  • First, you should try and get rid of all the loose dirt from the fireplace. Use gloves to remove what you can from the fireplace.
  • Next, use a small broom or brush to sweep the chimney. There will be a lot of ash and dirt, so make sure you don’t breath it all in.
  • Wet the entire chimney with an all-purpose cleaner and take to it with a brush. You’ll need to scrub hard in some places to get the grime off.
  • If needed, put more product on the chimney, and let the cleaner soak in for a while. You’ll need to wait between 10 and 30 minutes to get tough stains out.
  • Continue brushing, scrubbing, and removing the dirt and ash from the fireplace.

If it seems like a lot of work, you can always try and find a chimney sweep in York that can professionally clean your fireplace and chimney, and help you prevent fires and other complications. It’s important to keep you chimney in good condition so as to ensure your safety and health.